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Originating in Africa as a tribal ritual this game was brought to Europe by a missionary and developed into a less aggressive form. It was taken to the US in 1884  by Phillip Ferguson from Yale University who developed it into the faster court orientated game we see today.

The constant running back and forth when playing Dodgeball provides a solid cardiovascular workout, while the activity also involves use of virtually all your major muscle groups.

At West Midlands Sports Development we follow national governing body recommendations.

During planning for our courses our aim is to: 

  1. Ensure a suitable coach to player ratio.
  2. Ensure additional adults are present whilst coaching sessions are undertaken.
  3. Ensure any volunteers that may support our resident coaches are aware of our strict coaching philosophy.

All our coaches are committed to the new 1st4Sport Level 3 Certificate Supporting the Delivery of Physical Education and School Sport.


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