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Our Learning objectives

Enjoy Being Active

making friends

healthy competition

Safe Sport Practices

Achieving Safety in 4 steps

Returning to Community  Sport and Activity


Encourage early registration with a contactless sign in process  of   participants. 


Assign participants to group bubble. 


Ask participants to arrive early for safety induction.


Sanitise shared equipment and regular washing of hands throughout the day.

Need to know

Working in bubbles?

Using outdoor areas as much as possible the children will take part in activities within the same group each day/full week, moving around the games activity areas within this group. When in side children will still have enough room to play and learn due to the small number in each bubble.

Your child’s safety is at the top of our priority and to keep things consistence as much as possible along with following Government guidelines we will not be offering Individual days at this time.

Can my child be in same bubble as their friend?

 Yes, let us know directly after you have booked, that you would like your child to be with their friend so we can arrange this. We will keep siblings together that are from the same household  no matter  their age. The games and activities will be delivered to each bubble and adapted to match the ability of each child. 

Reminders and prompts

We have timed reminders throughout the day. These include reminders to wash hands, clean equipment and respecting each personal bubble. 

After children have gone home another  clean will take place on door handles, tables etc so that in the morning we are all ready to go again  for some more safe, sporting FUN!

Staff preparation

All Staff have been briefed on  our new measures and protocol to follow to keep the children and themselves safe. We have also continued to provide support to Schools throughout the lockdown,  providing PE lessons in school hours giving us the knowledge and experience to implement and replicate this at our Active Camps.

Safe activity planning

Are activities will still remain FUN and ENGAGING ,whilst also keeping inline with guidance. All  our  active games and activities have been  adapted  to increase distancing as well as reducing the need to share equipment.

“Personal Best” challenges will be a key theme of  this Active camps along with all our favourite sports such as Tennis,Cricket Badminton, Archery.  We will also cover Invasion sports skills in Football Basketball Netball etc and compete in Penalty shootouts and free kick Challenges !

Registration, Drop off and Pick up?

Full Day: 8.45am- 3.30pm

To make make sure drop off and pick up  procedure runs smoothly – a queueing system with families requiring to stick to the social distancing will be in place at the sign in/sign out area outside, weather permitting. *Please also remember to bring booking scan QR code, either on your phone or printed paper copy   so we can sign your child in!

What to bring?

Please only bring packed lunches and drinks (no Fizzy pop)
Books,Phones or other electric devices should be kept at home during this time. We hope you will probably be having too much FUN to notice anyway!!


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Ages:5-11yrs old

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