Anthony Maguire

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I have always had a passion for sport.   I was involved in competitive sport since my primary years and was involved in all the school teams;  football, volleyball, cricket as well as  badminton. From the age of 10 I was representing Wolves FC  and playing badminton at County level...


John Littler

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Hi I'm John, ever since an early age I have been involved in sports, mostly around football as I have a very 'footballing' family.
Football is my main sport, having played the game since a early age with call ups to Staffordshire county along the way, currently playing semi professional for Heath Hayes F.C. Cricket and golf are also sports I like to enjoy.

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Basketball was invented as there was a need for a gymnasium activity as an alternative to freestanding exercise during the winter months.

Canadian Dr. James Naismith  staff member of Springfield College, Massachusetts wanted to make his classes more appealing,so tried introduced various recreational games, such as Association Football, American Football and Lacrosse.  However as the gym had limited space this became difficult so decided to combine the activities of the various sports to create a new game.

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